Beresta (White Birch) - Russian art of wood pressing and carving

In ancient Russia birch bark has been used to make different articles of consumption such as fishermen`s canoes, baskets, boxes, cases for keeping salt, flour, corn, grain, cereals, berries, cedar nuts as well as fine adornments.
All these products could be kept for an extremely long time, as birch bark possesses fine bactericidal qualities. It is not by chance that the air in a birch forest is several times more sterile than in an operating room.
Birch bark is called warm wood. It feels warm to the touch even in a cold room as it possesses great positive power.
As a form of art birch bark carving and pressing is well known in Russia and Europe. Handmade jewelry, jewelry boxes, pictures, clocks, containers – this is just a beginning of the wooden art of Russia

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