Stone Art of Russia


Pictures of stone are a new trend in art that is rapidly gaining the popularity. The art originates in the heart of Ural Mountains in Russia. The pictures are made of the various types of stone chips that are extracted from the center of the Mountains. Marble and serpentine create the basis of the picture. The dust of natural stones like jasper, rhodonite, malachite, and many others is used by the artist to create various colors and shades.

It is very painstaking time-consuming work that requires great deal of talent and excellent artistic taste.  Looking at these wonderful stone pictures it is hard to believe that there are no artificial dyes used in their creation. This plays an important role in the longevity of the image. Stone pictures do not fade in the sun do not get destroyed on the heat or cold, in very dry or very humid climates. Absolutely nothing can make them lose their attractive appearance

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