Elena Lubyagina - Birch Bark Oil Painting

When canvas is the top layer of birch bark.

Painting for me is the way to express love for the world around me.

I love to paint animals, how they carefully look with sincere eyes, trying to catch our mood.

Birch bark as a canvasis very complex and interesting. When you hold in your hands a piece of bark, you immediately imagine a landscape with the pond, or a field of flowers, a bird or some animal walking in the forest among birches. I justhave to finish what I saw.

Nature inspires me, and I hope my paintings will inspire you.












Guardian of the Forest - 32" x 28"







Wise Beast - 17" x 19"









Striped Rascal - 14" x 16"







Curious One - 19" x 12"








Cabin in the Woods - 11" x 12"







Once in the Forest - 14" x 16"








Little Rascal - 9" x 13"







In the summer - 9" x 9"







Two Friends - 19" x 13"







Winter Bullfinch - 19" x 12"

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