To serve the best our clients and keep highest quality we are excepting only limited amount of pieces.


North American Elk - $1600.00

Whitetail Deer - $750.00

Mule Deer - $795.00

Fox - $1100.00

Bobcat - $1200.00


Prices on other species are on request

Terry Van Loenen had been full time taxidermist over 30 years.

He had owned Game Tracks Wildlife Studious in Austin, Texas in 1987 – 2007. During this time he had won numerous awards including: NTA National – North American titles, Safari Club International Sportsman Choice Award, Texas Best All-Around Award, World Best Professional division.

His professional expertise extends from reptiles to large mammals.

Throughout the years of his carrier he has hunted number of times in Africa, Australia, Russia, Europe and North America collecting multiple trophies as well as the knowledge and hunting references to enhance his sculpting and taxidermy skills.

He extensively studied habitat and animal anatomy throughout the world to re-create ‘life-like’ one-of-the-kind artistic pieces.


The last few years he has been sculpting for McKenzie Taxidermy Supply (the world biggest taxidermy supplier) while keeping his focus on the large Safari taxidermy work.

Currently he is accepting limited amount of taxidermy projects to provide his customers best quality ever.


Please call for appointment: 512-789-9225 / 480-704-4147




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